Posted on: April 3, 2008 11:30 am

Comming Up in MLB - Week 2

With an almost finished week 1 in MLB , there are a couple of things we have to ask about, Have the Tigers a good pitching Staff,Do they Are really contenders?, will the Mets Win the National championship or its own division...

It is early to know that but with Pedro Martinez out for 3-4 weeks the mets will have to fight hard in order to achieve this goal, and the tigers don't look as invincible machine in the first two game, they need to make some changes.

So what we can expect for the next week...

Mariners will be at top of their division, with Felix, Silva and Bedard doing their jobs,

Detroit Must be reacting with Willis and Justin but they must adjust the lineup, Polanco needs to be relocated in order to start to produce for his team

Mets needs Perez, Maine and Santana shines again because it will be a hard test against Braves

I thing kansas and Was will have a great week Again... they showed great stuff this week, young talent trying to shine
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